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A Merchant Cash Advance is a great alternative to traditional financing for small and medium size business. By purchasing a portion of your businesses future credit card sales at a discount an MCA provides cash now for your future sales. The repayment is simple as we take a small portion of your future credit card sales as repayment. Merchant Cash Advances from 5000 to 1000000. Been in business for at least 1 month. Not in active BK. Minimum 5000 a month in credit card sales.
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A small business loan has fixed payments and a maturity date. An MCA is offered in all fifty 50 states. In all states but California the Merchant Cash Advance if offered by Merchants Advance LLC. In California a Merchant Cash Advance if offered by Apex Advance LLC a licensed California Finance Lender License Number 6054066. In certain states small business loans are provided by Main Street Business Loans LLC. a Licensed California Finance Lender License Number 6054509. Strategic Funding Source Inc. and Colonial Funding Network offer an MCA in all fifty 50 states and Small Business Loans in California and most other states if loan size and local regulatory requirements are met.
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Since 2005 MCC has provided industry leading business finance products and technology to businesses in the United States.
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Advantage Capital Funds offers working capital to small and medium size businesses in the form of a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance or MCA is often referred to as a credit card sales loan or a merchant loan however it is in fact not a loan but a purchase and sale of future credit card sales. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A merchant cash advance is a convenient and swift way to get your business the working capital it needs. By purchasing a future portion of your credit card sales a merchant cash advance provider will provide your business with an upfront lump sum of cash.
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How much youll pay in fees is determined by your ability to repay the merchant cash advance. The merchant cash advance provider determines a factor rate typically ranging from 1.2 to 1.5 based on its risk assessment. The higher the factor rate the higher the fees you pay. You multiply the cash advance by the factor rate to get your total repayment amount. For example an advance of 50000 that carries a factor rate of 1.4 represents a total repayment of 70000 which includes fees of 20000. Total advance Factoring rate Total fees Total repayment.
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Business Financing Options Explained. Invoice Financing APR Calculator. Merchant Cash Advance APR Calculator. Term Loan APR Calculator. Home Business Financing Options Merchant Cash Advance. Related Business Financing Articles. These are not loans but as the name indicates are a business cash advance. The funding provider gets paid back by taking a portion of your future credit card sales each day. You can usually get approved in a day or twowith very little paperwork.
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Rankings of Best Merchant Cash Advance Companies. Compare and Review The Best Merchant Cash Advance Company. September 2016.
Best Merchant Cash Advance Loans. Last updated September 1 2016. Improve Your Rankings Apply For Rankings Evaluation Criteria. Best Top 30 Merchant Cash Advance Companies. Best Merchant Cash Advance Loans September 2016. Brown 855-200-0725 More info. 3 million 5 million. Taylor's Closet Broward Education Foundation Unforgettable Prom Foundation Inc.
Merchant Financing Cash Advance Evolocity.
X Merchant Cash Advance. How much funding can I get with an Evolocity merchant cash advance? Evolocity provides merchant cash advances ranging from 10000 150000 per location. What can I use my merchant cash advance for? An Evolocity merchant cash advance can be used for any general business need. For example the purchase of inventory or equipment renovations marketing campaigns or expanding to additional locations. What industries does Evolocity work with? Evolocity works with many business types including restaurants auto repair shops retailers beauty salons and dry cleaners to name a few. How does my merchant cash advance get repaid? Evolocity will debit your business bank account daily for a small agreed-upon percentage of credit/debit card receivables.

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